Michelle Warawa


Michelle Warawa is the owner of Black Swan Tattoo and has been tattooing for 20 years. She specializes in painterly realism, colour work, black and grey, as well as cover ups. She also slays orcs on the day to day with her battle axe.

you can see her current online portfolio at

atisha rainey


Atisha has been apprenticing under Michelle since March 2018. She was born and raised on the coast, and spent her childhood developing her creative skills with her artist dad. 


Atisha specializes in black work with neotraditional, and art deco influences but would love to expand to more colour work in the future. She also has an interest in Japanese traditional tattoo styles. Bring your conceptual ideas to Atisha - she will help you translate them into a beautiful tattoo. Check out her work on her Instagram  at