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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
To get tattooed at Black Swan you must be 18 years of age with valid government issued ID on hand, no exceptions.
How much will my tattoo cost?
Our hourly shop rate is $180/hour with a minimum charge of $110 for smaller pieces. If you are unsure about how long your tattoo will take feel free to bring your ideas by the shop and consult with one of our artists so we can give you an estimate. 
How long will my tattoo take to heal?
Usually tattoos take around 2-3 weeks to finish healing entirely, if you are following the provided aftercare instructions properly.
Do you take walk-ins?
Yes! The best way to get in for walk-in appointments is to call us when we open at 10am to make sure we have enough availability for your tattoo.
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